FEBRUARY 16, 2016


To Register (for current families):

Step 1: LOGIN to your account on www.musicforsprouts.com and visit the CLASSES page.

Step 2: Choose the Class Day/Time that works best for you and click "SIGN UP" - Then just "Who is this class for?" and click "Add to Cart" and CHECK OUT!!

You are also welcome to let your friends know about this special early registration time period for I know it is special to take class with your friends!

If you have a friend who is interested in signing up COPY/PASTE these instruction to help guide them through creating their account with Music For Sprouts.

To Register (for new families):
Step 1: Visit www.musicforsprouts.com

Step 2: Click the LOGIN/REGISTER Button in the top left hand corner of the Home Page - Follow instructions to enter Name, Email, and Password and click "REGISTER NEW ACCOUNT"

Step 3: Check your email inbox for an email from Music For Sprouts asking you to confirm your account - Click the confirmation link.  You will be returned to www.musicforsprouts.com.  

(Make sure you check you SPAM Folder for this email!  Allow 10 minutes max for it to arrive and email or call if you have issues.)

Step 4: Now you can login and Edit your Profile Information including Mailing Address and Phone Number

Step 5: CLICK "ADD A KIDDO" and enter information for your Sprout(s).  Note: You can add multiple Kiddos but only one at a time.

Step 6: Choose the Class Day/Time that works best for you and click "SIGN UP" - Then just "Select a Kiddo" and click "Add to Cart" and CHECK OUT!!

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes account confirmation and password recovery emails will go to your SPAM folder.  Please check your SPAM folder for our email if you do not see it within a few minutes!

It is our expressed goal that finances are not a barrier to your family's involvement. If you are unable to attend Music For Sprouts classes because tuition is unaffordable at this time please let us know and we'll do our best to make it work for you.

Shelburne, VT: Chris Dorman - musicforsprouts@gmail.com, (802) 497-7217
Traverse City, MI: May Erlewine - mayerlewine@gmail.com


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