Something Beautiful

After taking over Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace on Sunday, October 1st, more than 1,000 Vermonters—from Brattleboro to the border of Canada—danced and sang “Something Beautiful” with Mister Chris and Kat Wright in support of giving every child a strong start!

Written & composed by: Chris Dorman, Kat Wright
Produced by: Let’s Grow Kids
Arrangement support: Bob Wagner, Mark Sustic
Lead Singers: Chris Dorman, Kat Wright
Musicians: Chris Dorman, Bob Wagner, Josh Weinstein, Urian Hackney, Shane Hardiman, Brett Lanier
Back-up singers: Megan Butterfield, Anna Gebhardt, Sarah Weinstein, Erin Kranichfeld, Lulu Barr-Brandt, Clio Barr-Brandt, Liam Westdijk, Bea Ishee, Sidney Ishee , Leviah Gebhardt, Bob Wagner, Josh Weinstein
Sound Engineer: Oliver Gebhardt
Choreography: Lois Trombley

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